Friday, June 5, 2009

The Perfect Image Hunt

Come and find the purple hand mirrors!

Today on Fashionista

Today (Friday June 5th) at 2:00PM SLT on the Stadium Runway.

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Come for the video premiere, stay for the party!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Video Release Party on Fashionista!

SuperELITE's critically acclaimed fashion show of celebrity influenced designs by Digit Darkes was recorded and edited into a short video. They will have a video premiere followed by a kick-ass party this Friday at 2:00PM SLT on the Stadium Runway on Fashionista Island. Use this LM to land on Fashionista and join the fun.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Party and Exhibition of Gianmario Masala

We were so thrilled with the photos of our March/April Elite class, we decided to create an exhibit of all of Gianmario Marsala's photos.

To celebrate, we are inviting one and all to the Grande Unveiling...

Who: Photographer/Artist, Gianmario Masala

When: Friday, May 22 at 2P

Where: SuperElite Agency Offices

What: Party and Exhibition of March/April Elite Class photos. Also featuring DJ Miguelina Cazenove.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Museum of SL Photography Presents "Fantasia"

The Museum of SL Photography Presents "Fantasia" - The Light of Jazz Calhern and the Dark of Cienega Soon"

May 9 - 31

Opening: Wed May 13, 7pm

SL Musical Guests:

7pm - Senjata Witt

8pm - FrankLee Anatra

The Light of Jazz Calhern and The Dark of Cienega Soon. This exhibit brings this blending meeting just in the middle, not too light not too dark but a contrast enough to take on a little fantasy.
The flowers, particles, wings and light colors of Jazz's work is stunning. Her eye catching motion and feeling in each piece seeminly without effort, simply beautiful.
The dark elf Drow and Dragons of Cienga's work leads you to discover her way with emotion in times past. Her darker style evokes thoughts and dreams.
Both these artists have displayed together once before blending a well rounded exhibit pleasing to many, and again the magic of two in one, works perfectly.

Jazz Calhern Jazz Calhern has been involved with Second Life photography and photo art for over two years. She has experimented with various types of photo art, from landscapes filled with colour and movement to richly-lit portraits. She has had extensive experience as a SL freelance photographer, and her work appears at various SL locations including her own gallery, Jazz By The Sea.

Cienega Soon

Cienega Soon ~Artist ~Photographer ~Artist Mentor Arrived in Second Life® 12/2/2006. Logs in from southern California USA

owner Cienega Soon Gallery @ Juicy
Cienega is an award winning SL Photographer and one of the original group of six photographers who are permenent artists of MoSLP.

Opening Musical Guests - May 13, 7PM

Senjata Witt

Like a salty fresh breeze blowing off the coast of the Pacific Northwest, Senata's energetic, melodic tunes lift you up and make you smile. Senjata (pronounced Sen-YAH-tah) Witt performs heavily Celtic and folk influenced "roots blues", interwoven with American, British, and Celtic folk musics, bluegrass, jazz, and just about anything else she can wrap in her unique acoustic style.

FrankLee AnatFrankLee has been playing nightclubs and parties professionally in the Real World for over a decade. Whether it's a full band or as a single, he feels quite at home standing behind a guitar. Now playing classic rock, originals and contemporary hits with his acoustic guitar in Second Life, Frank invites you come and listen. If you like what you hear and want to know where he's playing next, you're invited to join his group, Dream with FrankLee.

PopTarts! This Friday!

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